3 more Huns/Mongols painted and a warlord converted


I finally finished painting of the next 3 Riders of the Steppes. Again I enjoyed painting the horses very much. With 6 riders painted I have to do 2 more to finish my first point for this new SAGA warband.



Between the painting of the horses and the riders I’ve got disturbed by the task of searching and converting a model for my warlord. After a fruitless search for a suitable model in the internet  I decieded to convert one from an asian miniature. In my „mountain of lead“ I found a fantastic looking horse and a promising lightly armored bowman, both from the „Clan Wars“ miniature line (Legend of the five rings by AEG). The bowman was a foot soldier but it wasn’t too difficult to adjust him to the horse. I further had to convert the asian sandals to boots and the helmet by adding some fur and making him pointed. After much consideration I decieded to add a bird of pray to his left hand/arm. All in all I am very pleased with the result so far. I am very tempted to start painting him at once but I will force myself to do the 2 missing riders first.

In the following gallerie you can find pictures of the painted riders and the converted warlord.


Viking dragon boat




Some weeks ago I built and painted a „Viking Longboat“ for a photoshooting for the german translation of the SAGA rulebook. Today I realised that I haven’t post any pictures of this project and finally found the time to do so.

The model is a plastic kit in the scale 1:50 from the well known company REVEL. The actual model was relative easy to build. I wanted the boat as a waterline model.  To cut its hull at the correct height and plain was a bit tricky. For the gathered sail I used a piece of unstructured paper towel soaked in woodglue.

After priming the model with black from a spray can I carefully drybrushed the wooden structures in different shades of brown. I also used washes from Army Painter to give more depth to the fine wooden surfaces recreated on the model.  As a strong contrast to the mostly brown and beige colors I choosed to do the front figure of the longboat, a kind of stylized dragon head, and some other metal parts in oxidated bronze. On a bronze groundcolor I used dry pigments with pigment fixer. I applied the mixture all over the bronze surface and immediately wiped with a paper towel most of the still wet color away. This was the first time I tryed this technique and I am very satisfied with the result.

In the following gallery you can see some pictures of the vikong boat and I also added some in-terrain-shots we’ve done for the rulebook.




The beauty and the beast



Finally I found the time to paint the beautiful miniature of „Raen of Rannoch – Giant Hunter“ from AxFaction. The miniature was wonderful sculpted and well cast and it was a lot of fun to paint this nice but expensive resin miniature. I based her on a coin and now I can use her as a single model or in a magnetized recess in the big 50×50 mm base of the half giant.

The half giant is a more than 20 years old miniature Marc Copplestone sculpted for Grenadier. I painted him many years ago and had to repaint some areas, especially the skin, to match the higher painting quality of Raen.

I thought this very special and contrasting two miniatures (old <–> young, pretty <–> ugly,  delicate <–> strudy, well armed and dressed <–> improvised weapons and shabby dressed  …) would give an interesting combination beeing put on one common base.

I placed them as an equivalent of  „four soldiers“ in a unit of barbarians with doublehanded weapons for my barbarian army. But I can also take her from the big base and use her as a single model.

I hope you like it



Narrow gauge railway models in 1:45

After many years of unavailing search for some railway models for my 28mm World War II project I finally found a company which produced suitable trains and carriage.  The range is called FLEISCHMAN MAGIC TRAIN and is out of production, but there is a good supply with these models on the second hand market and on ebay. The tracks have the very common HO gauge.

I bought two locomotives and some carriages. I started repainting and weathering two of the carriages some months ago. On the following pictures you can see this models with miniature and vehicles for size comparison and some of the still untouched models.


I hoe you like it.