Sir Wennington’s Congo Expedition

This is the start of a blog series about my new love „Congo“ a skirmish game by Studio Tomahawk.

Originally I absolutely don’t want to start another new game System but… again… I couldn’t resist for long…

After buying the beautiful rulebook at the last Crisis Show in Antwerp I decided not only to start a „White Man’s Expedition“ but also to stock the Congo range.

Ruga Rugas
3 Adventurer, 2 Charakters (The Explorer, the Kiragozi)


You can Play Congo in the jungle or the savannah. In Congo you Need tons of Terrain pieces and there is not a single in my collection. I have to start at Zero *jippppieeeh* So I will go for the jungle first and already builded 2 Woods. The Basis is the modular magetized Wood I created for Palm and normal Woods. For the trees I use grown twigs and a lot of plastic Aquarium plants. I think I glued nearly 200 plastic pieces with my hot glue pistol for only 2 Woods!!! I will do a step by step tutorial soon how I build jungle Woods soonish.

Next you see some shots I took with the first bunch of Miniatures I painted. I am more than happy with the Outcome you can nearly hear the jungle sounds and feel the heat.



Dungeon Saga: First painted miniatures

Hello everybody.

Next to all kind of SAGA stuff I am very exited about Dungeon stuff. I am working on my own Dungeon project (mostly Dwarven Forge) for more than a year.



I backed Dungeon Saga a Dungeon Crawler from Mantic Games a year ago on Kickstarter. I know Ronnie Renton the big Mantic Boss nearly 20 years from our time at GW. We see us 2-3 times a year at Tabletop Conventions. At the last Crisis in Antwerp be talked a lot about Dungeon Saga and I offered him to paint some of the Dungeon Saga miniatures to take some pictures of them together with my Dungeon.
Some weeks ago I received some Dungeon Saga samples (final production miniatures) from Ronnie. Here is the first bunch. Next time I will hopefully show you some pictures of my Dungeon.

The miniatures are fantastic and absolut fun to paint.



First painted Pro Gloria miniatures

Hello hobbyist,


I finally managed it to get my fist Pro Gloria miniatures painted. They were a lot of fun to paint. Very charakterful, well sculpted by Paul Hicks and cast with nearly no mold lines.

The miniatures are part of the Citylife 1 blister with now only the herald waiting for some paint. But I think he has to wait until the Crisis is over.

PG Citylife 1-1

PG Citylife 1-2


Comments and feedback are welcome.

Stay tuned,



SAGA Fatigue markers

Hi ho,

These are my Fatigue markers I builded for the Dark Age Skirmish game SAGA. Every time you make too many moves or fight in hand to hand combat you have to place a Fatigue marker next to that unit. So you can have multiple markers for one unit.  For that reason I included the crate with a dice.

Models are from Wargames Foundry.

What do you think?


Fatigue marker 1

Fatigue marker 2

Fatigue marker 6

Fatigue marker 3

Fatigue marker 4



My SAGA Vikings

These are my Vikings I paitnted for SAGA my favorite Dark Age Skirmish game. Most miniatures are from Foundry with some old Citadel, Gripping Beast and Crusader add ons.

It took me a year to complete these 8 points of SAGA. They can be used as Jomsvikings or normal Vikings. For theat reason I added a second Warlord to have 2 playable SAGA Warbands with 4 points each.